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Conventions - Seminars - Workshops

Specialist courses for special target groups are usually developed and organized on request and financed by institutions and cooperative partners (development organizations, businesses, etc.) in fields such as:

Energy management
- Decentralized energy concepts
- Electric power supply from renewable energy sources (wind, water, solar and biomass power technology)
- Cooking in tropical countries with energy-saving cookers, biogas and solar cookers
- Energy savings potentials

Ecologically adapted building and living
- Determination of climatic, economic and technical framework
- Local architectural and construction technique
- Cobwork (adobe) architecture and technology

Water / sewage
- Rainwater utilization
- Electrical and mechanical pump systems
- Decentralized sewage treatment
- Composting, compost toilets

Training and orientation seminars for multiplicators
- Technology transfer for decision-makers in business and politics
- Teacher training in methods and curriculum planning for environmental subjects
- Excursion programmes

Courses may last one day, a number of weeks or even months, depending on requirements and may be held in German, English, Spanish or French. These special courses and the participants, etc. are not financed by artefact, but are rather carried out by order of the various organizations by artefact.

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